Wednesday, March 7

#OccupyCampDavid and #OccupyNATO

So I am going to do my very best to keep this article short and to the point.

After months of gestation, confusion, internal conflict, regrouping and rethinking, the Occupy movement has come through the winter, in my mind at least, for the better. Those of us who are focused on changing the way that this country's "elected" (or shall I say, bought and paid for) officials do business are more focused than a diamond cutting laser. Those of us who are focused on making a true American Spring are prepared.

As many of you now may very well know, the G8 meeting in Chicago that was scheduled for the 18th of May, has been moved to Camp David, a secure military compound guarded by US Marines that houses the President for private formal or informal occasions. Now let me be clear, the G8 is a meeting between the eight most powerful leaders in the world to discuss "key issues" facing the geopolitical sphere. There is a G12 meeting, a G20, and so on.

It is rare that one of these meetings, no matter how large or small, no matter where in the world it is, have a change of location on such short notice, and there are ALWAYS protests at these meetings. Despite Obama stating that the literal tidal wave of protesters that were planning on protesting in Chicago in May and the related security concerns which would come with it has nothing to do with the schedule change, we're all smart enough here to know differently.

They're scared, ladies and gentlemen. They are scared and they are running.

So what do you do when a band of criminals run? You chase them.

Already, there are reports of people going to Occupy Camp David all the way from Denver to Boston. The initial plans are reporting over 1500 people currently preparing to decend on the camp this May, and this is only the second day of spreading the word. There are also plans being laid right now to make a massive Occupy convoy from Camp David back to Chicago to protest the NATO Conference.

If this campaign is to be successful, we must not falter under the face of bills such as HR 347 which would arrest people for protesting on government or corporate owned sites. Currently there is a national day of action being called for on March 12th to protest this bill. If we do not end this bill, #OccupyCampDavid very well could be a bloodbath for us.

But did that deter us from going national when we saw the women maced on Wall Street? Did the constant raids last fall keep Occupy Denver from holding their ground? Did Scott Olsen being shot at point blank range by a tear gas canister in the head keep Occupy Oakland, and most of the west coast, from taking the ports?

No. None of that stopped us.

The NDAA did not stop us. SOPA did not stop us. Neither will HR 347 keep us from chasing down the cowardly "leaders" of this world, and neither will HR 347 keep us from dealing with their military lap dogs either.

We will march. We will stand and we will show them what democracy looks like in the woods of Camp David and in the streets of Chicago, just as we have in every city and state across this nation, just as our brothers and sisters in Cairo, Tripoli, Damascus, Rome, Paris, London, Moscow, Melbourne, and Sydney have stood up over the past year and said;

"No more shall we take your crumbs and your abuse! No more shall you take our homes and our lives! No more shall you pollute our water, poison our food, and destroy our natural wonders! No more shall you make us slaves to your gold lined wallets! No more shall we stand silent while your corrupt and illegal wars kill our young and poor!"

And so we shall again at Camp David and Chicago.

No more my brothers and sisters, my friends, my comrades.

The winter is over, and the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom.

This is spring. The American Spring.

Let us show them what Democracy looks like.


Anonymous said...

Stage the G8 protest to survive for the duration and generate plenty of press coverage, perhaps piggy-backing on MSM G8 coverage, or by having name recognition of participants.

Get a good media person/spokesperson like Jesse LaGreca, and get them press before the protest to tease future coverage.

Get Veterans For Peace and Teamsters, clergy and nuns, to join you as sympathetic participants whose motives wont be discredited as subversive.

Exercise message discipline. Choose most compelling themes from most pertinent criticism - consult people like Chris Hedges, Naomi Klein, Joe Stiglitz, Jeff Sachs, Matt Taibbi...

Ask Obama what's democratic about the world's eight biggest economies shaping international policy for the American people.

Anonymous said...

Awesome article brother. I can sense the passion oozing through your syntax, and I must say I'll be proud to share the frontlines with you in May. Keep writing you're making an impact!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, Camp David is heavily fortified and looks like a fortress from google maps. It will not be easy to approach and I heard that marines will be guarding it. I fear their use of force and their ability to stop communications in that remote area. It will be a very dangerous protest for activists and extreme caution should be used. I do not put it above the secret service or military to use live ammo to prevent people from entering the park. All precautions should be taken.

Occupy Denver has had seven state riot-police raids thus far and the physical occupation still stands. We have daily altercations with local police. We'll continue to fight the battle here and elsewhere as we uphold our standards of solidarity.

FishSama said...

Thank you all for your support and your ideas.

We're getting in contact with Veterans for Peace and Occupy Marines, and if we can get in contact with those people, we most definitely will try and make sure they can help. All of those suggestions are awesome.

To the Occupy Denver Anon, dude, I have the most massive respect for you guys out in Denver. Not only do I love Denver as a city (I've been through a few times and think it's beautiful) I think you guys performed fucking amazingly last fall, and even into the Winter. I'll be proud to finally march with Occupy Denver.

To the Anon talking about my syntax, all I can say is thank you and spread the word, spread the word, spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Fucking idiots