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So uh... The warehouse blew up This was right around the block from my old place with the Nazis. It was listed as 999 Laurel Ave. 999 was the number at the end of three previously used emails that have been hacked since 2016 at the beginning of this ordeal three years ago. Jen's still unreachable. If any of you remember Street Clan, Sal was in a warehouse when the roof blew off and Ulrich Mikael and the Black Swords arrived. Also I had dreams about this time period for most of my life so I suppose that came into play during the writing of SC. I'm currently in court to prove that my mental health is sound after having an RPG I once played online have parralells to the Syrian Civil War. When I reported that I saw parralels of the conflict and the game to a doctor, also at the same appointment saying I was experiencing a premonition coming true in my personal life I was diagnosed with schizophre

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